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Single Lower Leg Swelling

Presentation of symptoms in one pregnancy, may or may not occur in you next pregnancy.This kills me because I am so active. Secondly, given your smoking, COPD and fluctuating swelling, it is very likely that you have a problem with your peripheral circulation and therefore you need to go for the doppler. This can cause swelling of the ankle with more pressure on it. These kinds of injuries can be caused by high-energy trauma, falls or collisions. Behind the malleoli are the lateral and medial retromalleolar regions and behind these is the region of the heel.

Single Lower Leg Swelling

Single Lower Leg Swelling

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This involves decreasing the distance and intensity of workouts, with the amount of modification determined by the severity of the symptoms. Sorry if you have already answered this question in earlier post. Meniscus tear The cartilage between the femur thighbone and tibia shinbone is called the meniscus and acts as a shock absorber in the knee. The fact that she develops an infection and possibly an ulcer when she gets injured further contributes to the possibility that this is peripheral vascular disease. Tara- mrivmriv Doc, hoping you can give me some information. The condition can be harmful as blocked arteries symptoms are highly associated to brain damage

Single Lower Leg Swelling

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However, if in doubt, it would be advisable that you have a chat with your supervising doctor. Should her Grandmother and Mother be tested for blood disorders? Has this happened to anyone else? Symptoms include pain with activity, rapid swelling on the front of the kneecap, tenderness or warmth.

Single Lower Leg Swelling


The American Journal of Cardiology. LeBlond RF, et al. This may assist with providing a more accurate answer to your question. Dean Thanks for your time and response.

Single Lower Leg Swelling

This is not a complete list of orthopedic conditions and should not replace an official diagnosis from your physician. However you should consider peripheral vascular disease, especially if you have signs of varicose veins, as the poor circulation may cause one-sided swelling if the vessels of only one foot is affected. A fracture to the femur is usually caused by a fall from a height, car accident or other high-energy trauma, but can be caused by a fall to the floor for those with osteoporosis. I have dadurch had problems with swollen glands in left armpit and sore throat. Burning thigh pain meralgia paresthetica A painful, burning sensation on the outer side of the thigh that extends to the outside of the knee could mean that one of the large sensory nerves to your legs is being compressed due to swelling, trauma or pressure. Mynderse LA expert opinion. Injuries to this ligament range from slightly stretched, to partially torn or completely torn. I left out some things: Because the tendons of the flexor digitorum longus run between these tendons, the brevis is sometimes called perforatus. To help patients who suffer from this kind of pain, discussed below are the usual symptoms associated with ache in the adductor muscle as well Thanks for any ideas as to why this is happening.

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