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Glory Hole Karlsruhe

The day Cradock left the Falklands for the Pacific news came in that the German cruiser Karlsruhe had been located off the Brazilian coast and was not, as believed, in the Pacific with Spee.Cradock carried out a covert raid on the bay but there were no German transports present. Of these the most notorious turned out to be the Emden in the Pacific. Spee also summoned the Emden to this rendezvous. She suffered no casualties. The German ships sank the Good Hope and the Monmouth. When they moved they did so on constantly changing courses.

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Main forward gun turret on SMS Scharnhorst mounting two 8. In addition the Japanese put two ships under British command. Radio communication was haphazard and easily jammed. Glasgow, damaged, got away to take part in the Battle of the Falklands. Many of the large ships in the Pacific of all nationalities carried armour manufactured by Krupp of Germany. The conclusion of the British naval authorities in the Pacific was that Spee was heading for the same area to join up with the Leipzig.

Glory Hole Karlsruhe


In particular a story emerged that a German pastor in Chile asked why there were no British survivors and was told by German seaman that they were ordered by their officers to make no rescue effort although it would have been possible. Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock and officers and men, the whole crew, lost. Spee sailed again on 18th October for Mas-a-fuera, the next island group on the route to Chile, where he met the colliers and supply ships from Valparaiso. The British and German squadrons were on broadly parallel courses about 15 miles apart heading in a generally southerly direction down the South American coast. Casualties at the Battle of Coronel: Glasgow could do nothing further to assist Monmouth and turned away to the west to escape. The German ships could not be seen in the dark and the bad weather conditions, while the British ships stood out against the sunset glow.

Glory Hole Karlsruhe

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Kinnier put on all speed and headed straight into the uncharted and highly dangerous Nelson Strait, thereby escaping Dresden. The Germans responded by turning away in succession to keep the distance between the squadrons at 18, yards 10 miles. Medals were issued in Germany commemorating the German victory at Coronel. On arrival Canopus was found to be in need of repairs which required her to go into an anchorage for 24 hours. Battle of Coronel on 1st November in the First World War Admiral Graf von Spee in Valparaiso after the Battle of Coronel on 1st November in the First World War Having spent the permitted twenty-four hours in port Spee took his ships to his island base of Mas-a-fuera to await the return of the two light cruisers. The German squadron was about 12 miles to the east of the British. In the event Troubridge was acquitted at his court martial, but was not again given a sea going appointment.

Glory Hole Karlsruhe

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Nürnberg resumed firing at point blank range and Monmouth capsized and sank. Spee held off until the sun set. Glasgow made off to the west at full speed followed by Otranto, escaping into the dark. Battle of Coronel on 1st November in the First World War It was believed by the British naval authorities in the South Atlantic from intercepted radio traffic and other observations that a concentration of German cruisers from the Pacific and the Atlantic in the Straits of Magellan, at the southern tip of South America, was imminent, with a possible attack on the Falkland Islands. This was a blind and Spee once out of sight of land turned back towards South America. Good Hope was still firing but had lost her station, veering towards the German cruiser. Casualties at the Battle of Coronel:

Glory Hole Karlsruhe

Glory Hole Karlsruhe

The attack began on 31st October The colony was administered by the Imperial German Navy not the German colonial authorities, the governor in August on the outbreak of war being Admiral Meyer Waldeck. Cradock reduced speed to 16 knots and called up Otranto. The aged battleship was intended by the Admiralty to provide Cradock with the heavy guns needed to combat the two German armoured cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. His move coincided with the formal opening of the Panama Canal. Glasgow could do nothing further to assist Monmouth and turned away to the west to escape. Dresden continued south down the coast of Brazil while Luce searched for her further north with Glasgow, Monmouth and Otranto. Dresden was now thought to be operating from a secret base on the eastern coast of Brazil. Armoured Heavy Cruiser-completed intons-main armament 14 X 6 inch guns-maximum speed 24 knots. The moon was now up, although largely obscured by the clouds and squalls, and the German squadron closed in on the two British ships.

Glory Hole Karlsruhe

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Glory Hole Karlsruhe


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