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Vaginal Fist

View All Fisting is a type of sexual activity.Several STDs can live on the hands, or under the fingernails. Guys, no matter how much she likes your sense of humor, crude remarks or jokes are definitely NOT a good idea. Most think that fisting is insanely improbable, dangerously risky and overly intense, in a negative way. Some people may dadurch want to try fisting but then decide they do not feel safe going all the way. First off, I would like to bust the biggest myth about fisting. People of all sexual orientations engage in both vaginal fisting and anal fisting.

By Nina Rizon Caveat Emptor: Although fisting is a serious sex act, you should still be able to enjoy the same. Patience and proper lubrication can help minimize tearing during fisting. Breaks in the skin are more susceptible to infection than intact skin. Ladies, at this point, the stretching can feel like a slight burning, or stinging sensation, but plenty of lube eases that. Do not use oil based lubes. Once the receiver is comfortable with four fingers inside, tuck your thumb under your palm and slowly press on until your knuckles are inside. Fisting is one form of that. Some find gloves, just like condoms, a total mood buster, while others simply tend to forget once everything starts to heat up. As the giver, your main responsibility is to look after the receiver. Fisting is a marathon, not a sprint!

Vaginal Fist

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Vaginal Fist

Vaginal Fist

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As such, it's a good idea to clean your hands and under your nails before you try fisting. Otherwise, partners can be pushed farther than they may be ready. So, stimulate your partner in any way possible. If they are uncomfortable with the idea, unready, or uninterested, that is their choice. This, in turn, could increase the risk of STD transmission. But you may be surprised that it can bring a whole lot of fun to your sex life. Ordinarily, the thumb and the knuckles are the toughest part to get past. Remember, this is an extremely intimate act and can be amazing when done between two people who care about each other, and rushing things can result in more than physical injury, it can damage the relationship. First, it is important for the fister to thoroughly wash his or her hands. It involves using the whole hand fist to penetrate the body. I have at times, used half a tube.

Vaginal Fist

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When fisting, you should be prepared to use a lot of sexual lubricant. Remember, the vagina is more muscle than anything else, and one good squeeze could injure your hand. It involves using the whole hand fist to penetrate the body. Fomite transmission is when STDs are transmitted indirectly, such as by an object or the dirt under fingernails. Determine whether you and your partner are both ready for this intense sex act.

Vaginal Fist

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A word of caution, the skin of the vaginal lips, as well as the interior skin is very sensitive, and prone to small tears, unless caution and patience is used, infection can occur with these tears. People of all sexual orientations engage in both vaginal fisting and anal fisting. If you are patient and take the time to let her build up, usually after several orgasms she may lose control and tell you just to fuck the shit out of her with your hand. Do not use oil based lubes. The giver must dadurch feel relaxed while doing this. I have found that the vagina tends to have more room to give at the bottom, near the perineum.

Vaginal Fist

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How to turn a girl on and excite her mind ] Key point: If you are the giver, you should make sure that your fingernails are short and without any sharp edges, to reduce the chance of any rips or tears. That's true for both vaginal and anal fisting. Fuse your fingers together to form a small stretched duck shape so your fingers are as compressed together as possible. Do not use oil based lubes. Typically, fisting does not involve forcing the clenched fist into the vagina or rectum; this is a practice called "punching".

Vaginal Fist


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